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Beside Bolivar: The Edecan Demarquet Jim Chevallier

Beside Bolivar: The Edecan Demarquet

Jim Chevallier

Published June 28th 2014
ISBN : 9781500324438
138 pages
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 About the Book 

Simon Bolivar said of Eloy Demarquet: Demarquet does not know how to lie or slander- I believe him loyal and sincere. Though this French officer, a veteran of Napoleons wars, is rarely mentioned in works on Bolivar, the latters correspondence documents the close relationship between the two men and the high esteem in which Demarquet was held not only by his leader, but by others in Bolivars circle. Even after Bolivars death, Demarquet continued to serve Ecuador before returning to France. He left descendants in both countries, several of whom made names for themselves. This volume brings together scattered information from a wide variety of different sources to tell the memorable - and largely lost - story of this little known figure in the struggle for Latin American independence and to trace the paths of some of his descendants. This second edition (and first print edition) includes additional information and images.