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The Sneaky Fleece Paul M. Craig

The Sneaky Fleece

Paul M. Craig

Kindle Edition
50 pages
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 About the Book 

Running parallel to our world, there’s another world most people could never even dream of—a world at once familiar and yet utterly fantastical. It is a land of elves, dwarves, trolls, goblins, tooth fairies, talking animals and dragons. This is the Underworld- this is a place where anything and everything can happen.Set in the Underworld, The Sneaky Fleece is a novelette (a long short story, if you like) which, in its own playful and silly, irreverent way, pays homage to The Sting (that classic 70s film starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford- not the musician or the wrestler of similar moniker).Anyhoo, in short, its a tale filled with shenanigans, skullduggery, cheeky banter, granny racing and gambling… thats right, I said granny racing (this is the Underworld, after all- anything is possible).If youve read the full-length novel, While You Are Sleeping, you may recognise some of the characters who pop up from time to time during the course of the story- if you havent read that yet… well, theres a free extract (the whole first chapter) tagged on after the end of The Sneaky Fleece. So feel free to have a nibble on that, or a big bite, or the whole kit and caboodle… whatever takes your fancy.The Sneaky Fleece is a fun, light-hearted story for all ages, with a plot suitable for sharp-minded younger readers, although the choice of language might be a little too ripe in some places for the very young.Story length:Approximately 12,000 words or 40 of your old-school paperback pages. Basically, a decent length of read for a commute, or a little light entertainment at bedtime.Warning(s):The Sneaky Fleece is not suitable for people without a sense of humour. Grumplestiltskins would be better served elsewhere in this fine Kindle store.This book is written in British English, which differs from American English in some areas of spelling, punctuation and grammar. It also differs greatly from French, for obvious reasons.This novel contains some fairly obvious synonyms for swear words, so if you don’t like the odd swear word or two, even faked swear words, then this book is not for you.Finally, as with all Kindle books, it is recommended you try the sample before buying.About the Author:Paul M. Craig is a human being and lives in a shoe box in Lung-Dung... London. He can be tracked down online via Twitter (@paulmcraig) or his blog The Written Words of Madmen. He is not mad... at least, not yet.