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To Wish For Someone Jayme Evans

To Wish For Someone

Jayme Evans

Published December 8th 2010
Kindle Edition
382 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Celesta of the family Carro, from the Euphratorian Empire, used to an emperor, and used to very little violence in a near utopian society. She wishes to explore this world that the empire’s prince found his consort. Earth. She would go there for a year and learn how the people interacted with each other.Doctor Jordan Barclay is called in when his lovely patient can’t even tell her name. She’s so lovely and brave, but says the strangest things about her surroundings as if she had never seen the inside of a hospital or a plastic garment bag. Beyond his duty, he feels he must follow through on her progress. He had always wished for someone like her...