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E = Mc2/2 Sorin Vlaicu

E = Mc2/2

Sorin Vlaicu

Published November 19th 2012
ISBN : 9781480253711
140 pages
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 About the Book 

In 1901 Max Planck gave a first numerical value for the action constant introduced in physics by himself a year before, and in the second decade of the past century his calculated value was experimentally confirmed by two different methods. But their reexamination now reveals serious omissions in the used energy equations. Thus, the energy radiated by electrons during their electromagnetic acceleration has been completely ignored in both experiments, and in the Millikans method even the bremsstrahlung radiated by moving electrons during their return to the rest state has been forgotten, although this bremsstrahlung is the key element in the other method! And when these incomprehensible omissions are corrected, both methods result in a Plancks constant twice smaller than its value always considered! More, this bewildering conclusion is clearly confirmed by reexamining the famous later experiments called magnetic resonance and Josephson transitions, whose energy equations have been deliberately distorted by introducing a rescuer 2-factor against the basic laws of physics and even of logic, just in order to avoid a late acknowledgement of a so dreadful error. Why dreadful? Very simple, because a halved value of the Plancks constant sends automatically the whole quantum relativistic physics to the dustbin and obliges to an ultimate return to a classical microcosm whose effigy becomes again the old spinning ring electron with energy E = mc2/2. Well, what are the clear arguments for halving the present value of the Plancks constant, and what new ways of understanding such a correction opens in physics of microcosm, you can find in this book.